In Greek mythology, Atlas was the primordial Titan - a deity of incredible strength who Zeus defeated in an epic battle for control of the heavens. Atlas was condemned for eternity to hold the sky on his shoulders. Atlas governed the moon and became known in ancient Greece as the god of astronomy and navigation. He would later turn to stone to form the immense 2,500 km mountain range in north west Africa named after him.

Stories allow us to communicate ideas through the interplay of narrative and metaphor. They light up our sensory cortex and provide a context so we are better able to remember. Still images can provide the means to consider a particular moment, character or place in isolation.

This artwork depicts a body at the peak of its potency in a gesture of proud, self-assured control. Alongside these immediate visual cues is its title: Atlas, an idea that is both monumental, yet personal. We wonder at his strength, yet fear the endless burden of his task.