Article One

Synthetic Sounds, Strings, Brass, Percussion, Solo Piano and Duduk


· Life · Living · Being · Alive ·

Article One, composed in support of The Rights of Living Things.

Defining life and how I act towards it challenges my sense of human self-importance.

Life extends from plants, insects, and birds, to animals that have both organic and non-organic elements, for example a human with an artificial hip or other mechanical implant, aid or device. It is inevitable that non-organic life will also soon come into existence. The Rights of Living Things sets out an ethical framework for all life to co-exist peacefully.

A driving pulse permeates traditional, orchestral, and designed elements. Rhythms play in sympathy and in syncopation. A sea of strings ebbs, flows, and shakes. Soon all is effervescent and full with dance, from the insistent burble of a mountain stream to the full force of an ocean wave. As the music draws its breath at its center, a percussive piano weaves from high to low and back again in search of the Duduk, an ancient and beautiful Armenian double-reed instrument made of apricot wood that joins and sings soulfully and as one with the ebullient ever present palpitation of life.

A section from the artwork Beyond the Window There For All The World to See accompanies the music.

An indistinct figure stands at the lower right of the image. Their grainy form amidst the fragmented lines and light of the near future.

A scaled down version of the full size image follows: