Beside the Rain

Solo Piano


·  Beside the Rain, The Sun  ·


I think of how we are each the rain and sun to one another.

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I ponder on the word 'beside': by the side of; close to; overcome; apart from; as well as.

When I think of my own feelings about the rain I am often negative, and yet rain is the source of all the water I drink, and all the food I eat. It is the fluid that makes my body live, breathe, think, and feel.

As I think of the rain I also consider the sun. With both, life becomes.

At times I think of myself as more the rain, as melancholic, but there are times I also feel to be the sun, a force that has the potential for positive change. Perhaps that is true for all of us. Perhaps we are all at some point the rain that falls and nourishes another, and at others, the warmth that supports and loves.

The music, like a jazz standard from many years ago yet with more contemporary tonality and rhythms, switches between a waltz and even time, between the now and then. At times there are very few notes that play at the same moment so the ear can take in their beauty and allows the mind to hear each sound, one beside the other, like the falling drops of rain.

In addition to an early stage draft which is shown above, a full size extract of the artwork is followed by the complete work below. I wonder at how the blue of rain and gold of sun mixes to form the colour of life, green.