Day One

Piano, Guitar Harmonics, Bass, and Percussion


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Unlikely Common Moments

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'Day One' requires no thought. I feel the music as a place of untroubled breath, and its title as a reminder of new moments I have in common, equally with strangers and those I love.

In a time of rampant contagion, the contribution of an artist, a composer, a writer, seems so very small in comparison to that of the doctor who cares for others, the nurse, and all those who provide practical support for the unwell. What small good can I do when others save life? The humble effort of those who create is to offer beauty, calm, and ideas.

Here I ponder on how each day is new. How today is for so many, a day of birth. How for me, no matter my struggle or sadness, today is my day one. A day when someone, somewhere, hopes.

Over the next 24 hours close to 365,000 humans will be born and begin their journey on this earth. That is at once a very big number, and yet given the 7.8 billion people who live here, it also seems unlikely my day of birth will match another I meet. The scale of something often clouds the truth.

With 365 days in a year it is a surprise that my birthday will most probably fall on the same day as someone else in a random group of thirty others. I share far more in common than often seems intuitive, or I am aware of.

As I ponder I come to realize my surprise is an indicator of how little I know of those I come into contact with each day. I remember the birthdays of my family and closest friends, but beyond these I know little, and I mistakenly draw the conclusion that my not knowing is the same as the likelihood of something happening, or being true.

Each day I wake the world as new. Day One, my day of beginnings...