· Consonance and Dissonance · Agreement and Conflict ·

Harmony: something experienced as being together. Harmony may be consonant (agreeable) or dissonant.

Dissonance: the discomfort or clash of two or more ideas, materials, or frequencies of light or sound.

When I place two elements close in time or place, for example two colours, two sounds, or two words, a vibration arises between them. We feel this on a scale from beautiful to ugly.

The difference of each individual's experience of art, in all its forms, keeps it vital, dynamic, alive.

My Thoughts on The Artwork 'Harmony'

I view three elements, the image, its title, and the six words that follow, as the artwork in its entirety.

The scratched squared ground of deep and lighter blues holds forty eight equally spaced fluid forms.

I experience the interactions of tone, colour, shape, texture, form and meaning as beauty.

My eye is at once comfortable yet in a constant state of movement.

An extract from the full size work follows: