A Short Contemplative Piece for Piano, Woodwind and Strings


·  Hope, even when fragile, is a gift that helps us face, then shape the world.  ·

.  .  .


For Those Whose Warmth Will Never More Find Light

We share a breath of all things dark,
In this our time of loss,
With sadness spent,
With silence,
A tempered thought for those whose warmth will never more find light,
The laughter of their day,
The beauty of their night,
As we are left alone to work the soil of our unrest,
Fill, fold the world with love in honour of their life be blessed.


One Day

For the three and five year old children after the loss of their mother, Jo Cox...

One day my hand is warm with yours in summer spent with love,
The next and you are there no more to reach for me from far above,
One day without your happiness, my world: a saddened shore,
The next and I will know your love,
My strength forevermore.


Artwork: The Chambers of My Heart