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Twenty Woman From Long Ago, Today, And Tommorow.

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Each woman in this series of portraits is rich with thought and emotion. It is as if indelible ink runs down each canvas or is splattered like rain, tears, or blood. This stylistic approach symbolizes the struggle of woman to be heard, respected, or given the same opportunities as men.

There are close to 4 billion woman and girls in the world. UN Woman is an international hub that represents their interests by providing information, representation, and advocacy of equal rights and opportunities.

Woman, especially in poorer nations of the world, have less access to property, credit, health, education, and political representation as compared with men. Woman continue to be paid less on the whole for their labour as compared with their male counterparts, and often carry the greatest burden when caring for children and those most vulnerable. A World Bank Report found that of 195 countries in the world, only 10 provide full and equal legal rights to men (Belgium, France, Denmark, Latvia, Luxembourg, Sweden, Canada, Iceland, Portugal, Greece, Spain, and Ireland). Woman of all ages are more likely to live in poverty than men.

Indelible is a collection of symbolic portraits of woman. Their given names at birth are a sign of optimism, but are often in contrast to their lived reality. They represent woman from the past, from today, and those living tomorrow. My intention in creating these artworks is to encourage those men who view them to act with greater care and fairness towards woman, for only when we all enjoy The Rights of Living Things (and for woman in particular, The Right To Wellbeing) will all those living on the earth prosper in peace and begin to realise their full potential.

Each woman's name below is followed by its meaning in English.