Lost In The Moment

·  When All Is One  ·

With Sense and Dream, Memory and Spirit.

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Lost In The Moment: to be so immersed in a state: physically; emotionally; intellectually; spiritually - that all else, tacitly, is set aside.

This series of twenty images show people with the splash and pour of water on skin. The figures are lost in their moment of experience of body and mind, of emotion and spirit.

Our bodies not only need water to live, over half of our body's substance is water.

The water also serves to emphasise how very brief our periods of being lost in the moment are, and that although we can be showered by, or even completely submerged in water - our feelings, our ideas and dreams, our love -, we cannot remain there for long.

More than pleasure, these figures inhabit a moment of clarity and contentment. Brief periods experienced in isolation or with another. Rare, unforced, and most often, unexpected.

When I am lost in the moment, I feel my most.

For me, to be human is to not only be open to physical and sensory pleasure, but to ideas, dreams, memories, emotions, and flights of the spirit.

I am most lost in my moment when love inhabits all these things.

What place is this?

What more can be?

I am as Island

Ocean lost

Witness now my outward shell

My inner world

My show and tell