The Bread We SharE

For Piano, Strings, and Woodwind.


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The Start of Conversation

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Humans have shared bread as a staple food in many places around the world since flatbreads were first made 30,000 years ago.

Each time I eat bread, my favourite food, I am reminded of the earth, seeds, sun, and water. I think of the months it takes a stalk of wheat to grow, of weather and cloud, and how when I offer bread to a friend and those I love, bread becomes far more than something only my body enjoys.

The generosity of sharing bread, the simple pleasure of giving nourishment to another, leads to simple positive outcomes: a smile, and before long the start of a conversation, and with hope, eventually, love.

The music gently rises and falls like leavened bread. The artwork shows a feast of breads of all shapes and sizes from above, perhaps many will soon be seated sharing bread, talking, holding hands, laughing, and listening. The music ends unhurriedly with a single chord breathing its farewell.