The Far Future Today

We often fear those things unknown.

'The Far Future Today' presents a vision of a skeletal architectural structure. With only a partial view of the monolithic head, closed jaws and puckered chin of a non-organic creature pushing through the bright fog, our imagination runs wild.

The expression is as much one of sadness as aggression, and yet the uncertainty of difference remains. Our sense of vulnerability and risk is at the heart of our unease. We see an image of the mechanistic, inhuman and unfamiliar, and our first response is to its potential threat. Although we are hard wired to survive, our endurance and strength is built upon our ability to see past our fear.

In mind of the far future we must prepare ourselves today.

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The Rights of Living Things is a declaration that sets out the entitlements and conduct of sentient beings as an ethical foundation of articles. The emergence of non-organic beings is likely in our lifetime. How we act with one another will define how our new neighbours will respond to us. If we build together, make, care and love, so will the life that follows.

View a full size extract from the artwork below: