The Staircase

The Staircase as narrative, cypher, mystery. A place both private and social, of going, of coming, of transit

Two indistinct figures walk in opposite directions in a disorienting and somewhat surreal scene. It is uncertain whether the staircase presents an external, internal, or dreamlike world. The spatial relationship of the figures conveys a detached yet mindful purpose to their state.

Immediately above the lower right of the stairs, a third figure emerges from the wall - a monolithic sculptured head with pointed prominent nose, reminiscent of a carved stone statue from Easter Island. Above this head, two extending floating floors pierce the space, and above these, a soft thatched-like roof guides the eye back towards the cascading forms of the atrium.

On the left and in the middle are two openings, one above the other. The lower eminates a faint inviting glow. Our only hint of their meaning and purpose is their shape and colour. Perhaps the two figures on the stairs will pass one another. Perhaps they will remain apart. Perhaps they have or will come to know each other. As I gaze closely at the upper figure, I see a fourth as shadow hidden within.

With art we build with each emerging thought.

An extract from the full size image follows.