The Sun Shines

For Orchestra, Solo Cello, Tuned Percussion, and Synthetic Sounds


· how the sun and moon save the earth ·

The Music 'The Sun Shines' accompanies a short poetic story and picture book for children and adults. A non-threatening and positive tale about the environment and renewable energy that can be enjoyed by all ages.

Music encourages those who might not otherwise take time to read the story. When I hear the sound of an orchestra there is no doubting its seriousness and impact. When I know that a story can be read by children I may not attend to its importance.

The book has two parts. The first presents the story with images and supports young readers in its choice of typeface and presentation. The pictures invite thought and dialog about the narrative as it unfolds.

As I read the second section of The Sun Shines, the words flow differently as compared with when I read the story with images. With the written text I experience words more by their shape and sound, in mind or air, and through my imagination.

Words become within us. Saying words out loud, repeating them, even whispering them, transforms them.

Perhaps our need to nurture lays at the heart of listening, reading, and making stories. Nurturing ourselves, and one another.

I hope you enjoy your journey.



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So as many people have the opportunity of enjoying this story, The Sun Shines is available as a PDF that is readable on any device, a .epub file that is commonly used for eReaders, and .mobi for software readers and hardware devices like the Kindle.

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The artwork Beauty and Light accompanies the music The Sun Shines: