Wild Meadow Flowers

Wild: uninhabited, unrestrained, an unfettered state of being, nature, or imagination.

• • •

Delicate wild flowers are arranged into a posy, with the soft indistinct shapes and colours of a magical meadow of blossom beyond. As I gaze more closely it is as if tiny stems and fragments of flower float in a world below my surface, motionless in the blue-green water of life.

Still moment of another world
Sounds fade bottle green by water's edge
Life light shouts its forms so small they struggle to be heard
Naught but scent where meadow grass with pollan high
As memory the summer gone
The dart and wing of dragonfly

I ponder on a world below the surface of my memory, a place of mystery where moments are felt with sound, light, and scent. A time of meadow grass and summer where a dragonfly symbolises the change and transformation of time.