With Flight of Dream

For Orchestra, Synthetic, and Organic Sounds.


·  My Dreams Make Clear My Often Hidden Thirst  ·


Awake I Dream As Much Asleep

Dream now this chance between the sheets of day and night,

With break of chain from ordinary life,

Dream the world as new,

Find voice and sight,

With open page,

Dream long,

Dream far,

Take flight.


Dreams: thoughts and the experience of place and possibility.

Dreams cannot be captured by scientific inquiry, and have no place in law. And yet they are far more than explorations of experience. In dream I breathe the vivid world of all I love and fear.

Concealed as much to others as unknown by myself, dreams give fuel to dare and hope.

At any one moment the world is full with dream, not only those of humans, but of birds and a myriad of unlikely creatures. Birds sing in their dreams...

A dream may be clearly remembered, or completely hidden from view. It is possible to shape dreams as they play out, but more usually they arise from a spontaneous creative instinct. Perhaps because dreams are often beyond conscious intention, they might seem as if they come from somewhere else.

I consider my dreams as a way I connect with life and ideas. They are my welcome contrast to an insatiable need to rationalize and understand. My dreams play out freely without being restricted by what I view as reasonable or possible. During my dreams I fully accept what only a few moments after I wake seems implausible. I see what I am often resistant to, accept the impossible, feel my fear and happiness, see, hear, and touch. Whether daydream or rich immersive night dream, I can be in any place, find myself free to swim the ocean without the need of breath, fly as fast as my wish allows, and love as deeply as my heart falls. Long may I dream...

Dream more than sense can know or thought can understand. As dream in dream we live our lives.

As with night and day, there is the dawn and dusk, when dream and waking life in moments touch.

A full size extract from 'With Flight of Dream' is followed by 'Awake I Dream As Much Asleep', a contrasting more challenging image derived from the first.