Be Well

Solo Piano Improvisation


·  Take Care  ·


As I hear I become. For all the words I write, music needs no thought.

   •    •


The stronger my feelings, the more I care.

To be well: to be healthy in body, mind, and spirit.

My balance, my sense of being well is unique to me as it is to you. My body feels on a scale from well to unwell. My mind works well, or not as well as I know it has the potential to. When well my spirit is at ease, and when unwell, ill at ease.

Music is the most immediate expression from my heart to the world. I ponder on the nature of what it is to care.

Human interaction is complicated.

There are many reasons why I feel and act towards another, and why I care. I may need, want, or respond to those things I have experienced or hope for. I may feel a strong social bond that drives my need to care. My natural tendencies, insecurities or fears may play a part of why I say or do something, as might my desire, conscious or otherwise, and my love. I feel most at ease when I love. All might play a part in why I wish someone to be well.

'Be Well' is a poetic expression that brings together all these things into two short words. The music underscores the words and conveys the simple beauty of what it feels to care about another.

I care for nature and for living things, especially people: family; friends; those I love; those who have little wealth; those who are vulnerable; without a home; who care for one another, who care for the natural world and animals; who show kindness; who are compassionate.

Expressing my care may be tempered by how the person I care for and others view or respond to my care. I may be hesitant in showing I care if I think I may be misunderstood, rejected, or not valued.

Those who think of human interactions as transactional may question my motives. They may ask what do I wish to gain?

Caring at its most beautiful is for something or for someone other than myself.

With music, if I am open, I hear, I feel, and I become. Music without words can be as love.

Be Well.

The art that accompanies the music is full with paths of light, and its symmetry alludes to the balance of being well.